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Přednáška o létání

Vloženo: 09. 11. 2021 00:00:00

Senior ACGA students enjoyed a great lecture about life, flying, and travel from Mr. Jiří Pruša. The students were intrigued and captivated by Mr. Pruša’s videos and explanations of his travels and dangerous landings from around the world. He showed various videos of him landing his plane and explained the different techniques and the processes involved in communicating with airport control, as well as the differences between major or smaller public airports. The students asked questions about his techniques as a pilot and the costs and methods of operating his airplane.

Throughout the presentation, Mr. Pruša used his experiences as a pilot and his quick decision making to illustrate practical life advice and philosophy that students can apply in their own lives, be it here at ACGA or on into the future. He stressed to the students the ideas of finding work that they are also passionate about, and understanding that it ok to change jobs or careers. He stressed that becoming too comfortable in a job simply because it offers high status or pays well can be limiting to personal and professional growth, and he encouraged the students to never stop learning or pushing themselves to improve. The students enjoyed Mr. Pruša’s adventurous spirit and had lots of great questions about his travels and experiences.

Flying Revue – časopis a web pro příznivce létání

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