Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. - Henry Ford

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CLIL ve výuce

CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning, tj. obsahově a jazykově integrované učení) patří k významným kurikulárním trendům současného evropského školství, a je jednou z možných strategií dvojjazyčného vzdělávání.

Mezi nesporné výhody CLIL patří přirozené prostředí pro výuku a rozvoj cizího jazyka. Žáci použijí cizí jazyk v naprosto přirozeném prostředí, a ne v uměle vykonstruovaných situacích tak, jak se děje v hodinách cizího jazyka. Jsou lépe motivováni a jsou zároveň účastni bezprostředního použití jazyka. Hodina jednoho nejazykového předmětu umožní tak nenásilné osvojování si cizího jazyka.

Výuku metodou CLIL přibližuje článek na webu Metodického portál RVP.CZ


Art History & Architecture

Overview: This class focuses on a chronological overview of art and its development from prehistory through Ancient Rome. Time-dependent, students will also be presented to on art from other time periods that they have shown interest in, via ‘Student Input’ lectures. Students will leave this class with basic knowledge about both the history of these time periods, and how the developments in human skills, beliefs and behavior are consistently reflected in their creative and structural production (e.g. home; palaces; temples). The class is designed to improve vocabulary, writing skills and critical discussion skills, giving students the chance to analyze what art history can tell us about our ancestors and ourselves. These skills are transferable to many areas of English language study and other future endeavors.

Seniors have a two-hour class which focuses more on modern art history, and are encouraged to engage with the surrounding factors and conduct critical analyses.

Film & Media Studies

Overview: This class is focused on developing students’ ability to identify and analyze basic principles in photography, film and video, and mass media/social media. Not only will students be able to demonstrate a command of basic vocabulary within the fields, but also experience a hands-on approach to creating their own works for art and/or content. They will be familiar with the foundation of each discipline and begin to recognize the development from classic to contemporary approaches to content creation. The course is divided into three sections to allow of a more focused experience related to each theme.

Sociology & Cultural Studies

Overview: Sociology, by definition, is the systematic study of human society, culture, and relationships on a group level.  As a social science, sociology is concerned with improving research methods with the ultimate goal of finding more precise approaches to the major issues we face as a society.  We ask and attempt to answer the major questions that we ask about our social world.  These are questions such as: Are women less privileged in today’s society than men? Why do we have problems such as racism?  What motivates people to have social status and respect? What might create an ideal society? And what is the role of mass media in shaping public opinion?

Creative Writing & Public Speaking

Overview: This class is focused on giving an expanded look at different writing styles with creative projects that will encourage students to think outside their comfort zone to personalize their writing. This course will also focus on speaking abilities, as they will be asked to share their pieces of writing. At the beginning of every lesson they will be given a journal prompt as homework, with one entry due every week. Once a month the students will have an opportunity to share their journal writing with the class. The duration of the course will have you writing an autobiography, to be completed in June as your final project. In addition to autobiographical writing, the topics we will discuss include, but are not limited to, the following: Syntax and Punctuation, Use of body language as it relates to storytelling, Points of view/Narrative types, Blog writing, Genre studies, Personal narratives, Letter writing, Dialogues, Poetry (Including Poetry Slam).

Business & Management

Overview: This class is focused on Business and Managerial studies in a globalized market. Students will leave this class with a basic understanding of themes such as: management styles and motivational theory, Human Resources, economics, finance, marketing and brand management.  The class is designed to improve vocabulary, reading and writing skills, thus giving students the necessary tools they need to express and analyze the concepts from class and be better prepared to use English as the language of business.


Overview: This class is focused on legal studies from Anglophone countries, focusing mainly on the United States as well as general principles and concepts of rights, laws, and crime. Students will leave this class with a basic understanding of themes such as: legal history, criminal law, civil law, human rights, justice systems and courts, police, lawyers, sentencing, criminology, forensics, ethics and morality, and negotiations.  The class is designed to improve vocabulary, reading and writing skills, thus giving students the necessary tools they need to express and analyze the concepts from class.

Politics & International Relations

Overview: In Politics & International Relations students will learn about and be able to explain the interactions of states in the global interstate system. They will also be able to explain the relationships and behaviors of people living within certain states and systems. This course is an extensive discussion of the institutions that oversee the interactions and behaviors of those living within a system.  We cover major themes such as globalization, the formation of modern Europe, the evolution of political systems, and the origins of government.  The central goal of this class is for students to be able to explain and discuss challenges which face our world today, identify the source or origin of these challenges, and be able to purpose realistic and feasible solutions to these challenges.  Through our discussion of these themes we will utilizes cases such as the Cold War, the First World War, the Arab Spring, discuss nuclear weapons and international security, the future of war, terrorism, global poverty, and the emergence and role of transnational forms of governance like the UN or European Union.  The course is designed to provide students with the necessary vocabulary and critical thinking skills to be able to participate in the discussion of complex topics and prepare them for further advanced study at the university level.

Psychology & Cognitive Science

Overview: Students will be able to define the term Psychology and demonstrate a command of basic vocabulary within the field. They will also become familiar with the differences between the science of Psychology and Applied Psychology in relation to the types of psychologists and what they do. Students will distinguish among the major theoretical perspectives in psychology (Cognitive, Psychoanalytic, Biological, Humanistic, Behavioral etc.) Another goal is for students to be able to explain how psychological theories are used to describe, predict, and modify behavior. The Senior year will focus more on applying psychology to other fields of study and understanding the function and importance of psychological research in the academic sphere. There is a large focus on in-class discussion and questions. Psychology has research and writing that explains theories but is open to interpretation. Student insight and ideas are very important for this class. The more a student participates, the more we will learn and progress!


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