Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. - Henry Ford

10 Reasons to Study at AMAZON

Information for Parents

Choosing the right high school is the first and most crucial step for your student’s success. As you decide, you should consider the increasing importance of education.
Graduation from high school has become a necessity in our society.
According to the plan of the Ministry of Education, the number of grammar schools and their students will increase. The direct consequences will be the rising number of college-accepted students, three-year bachelor's degree will more diversify and focusing more on practice. Graduates of grammar schools form the smallest group of unemployed people.

The main information for the right decision is to know how your child is doing in comparison with others. Remember that you can work with knowledge and also with study potential. The success of your child's life depends on their education.

Ten basic rules for easy communication between parents and teachers:

For parents:

  • Do not consider the teacher as an enemy, but rather as a collaborator in the up bringing of your child.
  • Don't treat him/her like a pedagogical servant but respect his/her expertise.
  • Come and ask politely; not fight with determination.
  • Validate information from your child as it can often be distorted.
  • Never slander teachers and absolutely not when your student can hear it.

For teachers:

  • Talk to parents as equal partners and respect their dignity.
  • Think of the parent as and „expert" who knows their child the best.
  • Communicate with parents directly and not through the child.
  • Think of the child as an integral part of teacher - parent discussions.
  • Do not perceive any question or criticism as a personal attack.

The Ten Commandments prepared by: Thomas Feřtek, EDUin, ops, Yinachi, sro, AISIS, os,
Inspection Report - October 2010
In October 2010, inspection activities of the Czech School Inspectorate took place in our school. The inspection report you can read here.

Opinions of parents and students on school activities - grammar school AMAZON

Reports of parents (pdf)

AMAZON educates students in accordance with § 2 of the Education Act No. 561/2004 Sb. the Czech Republic.

The Principles and Aims of Education

  1. Education is based on the principles of:
    1. equal access of every citizen of the Czech Republic or another Member State of the European Union to education without discrimination because of race, color, sex, language, religion or belief, nationality, ethnic or social origin, property, birth or other health condition status of a citizen,
    2. take into account the educational needs of individuals,
    3. mutual respect, opinion tolerance, solidarity and the dignity of all learners,
    4. free primary and secondary education of citizens of the Czech Republic or another Member State of the European Union in schools operated by the state, county, municipality or municipalities,
    5. the free dissemination of knowledge, from the results of contemporary knowledge of the world and are in line with the general objectives of education,
    6. improving the educational process on the basis of the results achieved in science, research and development, and the widest possible use of effective modern teaching methods and approaches,
    7. assessment of learning outcomes relative to the goals of education provided by this Act and educational programs,
    8. the possibility of learning throughout life in the consciousness of responsibility for their education.
  2. The general objectives of education are:
    1. the development of the human personality, which will be equipped with knowledge and social competencies, moral and spiritual values of personal and civic life, professional development or work, gathering information and learning throughout life,
    2. obtaining a general education or general and vocational education,
    3. understanding and applying the principles of democracy and the rule of law, fundamental human rights and freedoms, along with responsibility and a sense of social cohesion,
    4. the understanding and application of the principle of equality between women and men in society,
    5. the formation of national consciousness and citizenship and respect for ethnic, cultural, linguistic and religious identity of each individual,
    6. knowledge of world and European cultural value and traditions, understanding and mastering the principles and rules arising from European integration as a basis for coexistence in a national and international scale,
    7. the acquisition and application of knowledge about the environment and its protection based on the principles of sustainable development and health and safety.
  3. The training provided under this Act is a public service.

How do you recognize an effective school?

The main attributes of the effective schools may be:

  1. Professional School Management:
    • The school management has a vision with long-term goals and strategies to achieve it sufficiently and creatively.
    • The management has sensitivity to staff and students as well as the proper division of labor.
    • Also the ability to motivate the fulfillment of the vision and goals of the school.
  2. Shared Visions and Goals Accepted by Co-workers:
    • Effective communication about the shared vision.
    • The convincing ability in promoting the vision.
  3. The Right Educational Environment:
    • The quality of inner environment is one of the most decisive and important factors which affects the quality of school work.
    • The school management and employees qualities, interpersonal relationships and school culture are of immense importance.
  4. Evaluation of the Quality of Schoolwork:
    • The basic precondition for the effective functioning of the school is good feedback.
    • Information about the quality of education should mainly come from inside the school (pupils/students, parents, teachers and other school staff)
    • Feedback from the external (graduates, employers, schools of higher degree, the public)
  5. The Learning School:
    • All school staff are permanently working on their professional growth.
    • “If teachers cease to learn, their pupils do too. “
  6. Open School:
    • Effective communication at the horizontal and vertical level.
    • Communication: open, truthful, clear, regular, without subjective views and opinions
  7. Education is Economically Effective:
    • Economic management of a high-quality.
    • Professional decisions in financial resources, can create much better conditions for effective functioning of the school.

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