Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. - Henry Ford

10 Reasons to Study at AMAZON


A quality teaching staff is essential for the proper functioning of schools. Our teachers meet the teaching staff eligibility requirements found within Act No. 563/2004, i.e. they have the professional and pedagogical competence and moral integrity. Our native teachers are also fully qualified in the subjects they teach.
The average age of the teaching staff is 34 years old with a male to female ratio of 40% to 60% respectively.

The teaching team consists of people who:

  • love their profession (high level of responsibility, strong work ethic, willingness to work in a team)
  • create a friendly and stimulating learning environment
  • fully support a healthy partnership environment and mutual respect, both among students and teachers
  • respect the student’s personality and are willing to discuss their opinions
  • develop intellectual skills through discussion, cooperative projects, experimentation, problem solving and accepting responsibility for work done
  • are prepared to accept new challenges from students
  • are able to promote and develop the talents of the students
  • devote a large part of his/her time to preparation
  • teach according to a predetermined schedule but at the same time following the students’ interests
  • implement contemporary methods of teaching
  • spend time with students during extracurricular activities
  • are regularly trained (eg, ”Secrets of Motivation“ - Dr.. Plamínek George, PhD., Respect and be respected - the legitimate communication needs and emotions - PhDr. Nováčková John, PhD., Mgr. Dobromila Nevolová)

Each class has one of the Czech master teachers (Primary Teacher) and an English teacher (Secondary Teacher).
An essential component of the teaching team is the school counselor who provides students with advice and information.

Guidance personnel in school:

  • Educational Advisor
  • A Preventor of risky behavior
  • School Psychologist

The list of the teaching staff can be viewed by enrolled students and their legal representatives in the school office. The school management has acceded to this decision because of employees' privacy and preventing abuse. Individual teachers can be contacted via e-mail or telephone. E-mail address:

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Rytířská 10, Praha 1
731 013 003 / 224 234 826

  • British Council
  • Europass
  • Financován Evropskou unií
  • ADRA
  • The Duke of Edinburghs International Award Czech Republic Foundation, o.p.s.

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