Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. - Henry Ford

10 Reasons to Study at AMAZON

Who are we

The English-Czech High School AMAZON (ACGA) is a prestigious private four-year gymnasium located in the heart of Prague. The primary objective is to teach English and prepare students for studies at universities in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Since our 3rd year, we have taught selected subjects in English using CLIL methodology (e.g. International Relations, Psychology, Sociology, Law, Art, Media, Marketing, Business, etc.). We support the study of international students under the inclusive education system. The environment of schools is constantly being revamped to be interesting, stimulating, clean, and modern. Our motto is: "We make learning fun. Join us on an English adventure!"

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What’s in a Name?

We chose to name our school AMAZON because we believe it accurately reflects our educational structure and philosophy. It comes from the Amazon Jungle and River, a richly diverse ecosystem which spans the South American continent. We here at ACGA believe it takes students from all backgrounds to create an educational environment in which open-mindedness and understanding can flourish. The knowledge of our students is constantly expanding and growing like an unstoppable current, ever moving forward towards the ultimate goal of becoming the best people they can be. We wish our students the best of luck as they journey through the ACGA.

Study Objective/Fields:

  • Language I. - SEP "Worldwide Education" focusing on English, German, French, Spanish and subjects in English (CLIL)
  • Language II. - SEP "Worldwide Education" focusing on English & Japanese and teaching subjects in English (CLIL)

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Our approach utilizes the full potential of our students, emphasizes their individuality, and at the same time develops their ability to cooperate. Our student's personality will develop further by participating in activities that will help them master the subject material with ease. Students will learn a practical application of the theory. Anglicko-české gymnázium AMAZON will actively support the enthusiasm of each student.

Student will be able to:

  • communicate and listen to others
  • respect others
  • tolerate differences
  • learn to cooperate
  • develop their own moral values ​​based on a deeper understanding of the world around them, which is the basis for a successful life in modern society.

The school also focuses on ethics and aesthetic education, helping each individual become someone who is able to think for themselves and make good decisions.
The school has a sophisticated, long-term program of primary prevention of psychological problems. The main goal of the program is to address the problems, avoid their consequences, minimize their impact, and to systematically guide students to be responsible for their own health.

We have been working with charity organizations such as ADRA (distant education) and UNICEF (helping hungry children) for a long time.



Mandatory published school data

Name Anglicko-české gymnázium AMAZON, s.r.o.
Field Gymnázium
Code of the field 79-41-K/41
School education program

„WORLDWIDE EDUCATION“ – celosvětové vzdělávání

Focus Extended teaching of foreign (European and non-European) languages and selected subjects in AJ, NJ, ŠJ, FJ
Form of Study Daily
Length of Study 4 years
Official web site
Official electronic address
Contact postal address Rytířská 406/10, 110 00  Praha
Idetification number 28228235
DIČ/VAT number CZ28228235 (we are not VAT payers)
Date box ID g4tmigk
IZO 151038546
Classification in schools and school facilities The Ministry of Education, Youth and Physical Education has added the English-Czech High School AMAZON s. r. o. to the register of schools and school facilities on the basis of decision of 24.9.2007, ref. 22 662 / 2007-21. The registration of branches according to the classification of the main fields of education and the Framework Educational Programs was made in the decision File no. 12 861 / 2009-21 of 3.8.2009.

All certificates issued have the same validity as the State school certificate.
Opening Hours for Public Monday 16:00 - 17:00 (Request for Information)
Processing of personal data
Anglicko-české gymnázium AMAZON s. r. o., hereinafter referred to as "ACGA" as a personal data controller, processes data in accordance with the provisions of Section 28 of Act No. 561/2004 Coll., On pre-school, primary, secondary, tertiary professional and other education (Education Act). At the high school, it is possible to apply for the rights in the personal data area via the e-mail address of the commissioner (pověřenec). In the relevant cases, it is possible to refer to the high school for the purpose of exercising the right of access to, correction or deletion of personal data, or of limitation of processing, of objecting to processing, as well as of exercising the right to portability of data and other rights under the General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data. The above-mentioned methods may also be used by data subjects at the high school for data processed by consent to revoke consent to the processing of personal data.
The designated agent for ACGA is Langmeier & Co., law office s.r.o., tel .: 222 200 250, e-mail:

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Rytířská 10, Praha 1
731 013 003 / 224 234 826

  • British Council
  • Europass
  • Financován Evropskou unií
  • ADRA
  • The Duke of Edinburghs International Award Czech Republic Foundation, o.p.s.

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