Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. - Henry Ford

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ADRA is an international humanitarian organization providing assistance to people in need. It was founded in the United States more than fifty years ago, and today it is represented in 125 countries around the world. In 1997 the organization was granted the status of a senior adviser to the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

ADRA helps both in emergencies (natural disasters, war conflicts, etc.) and in the implementation of long-term development projects (support for education, employment, etc.). ADRA’s primary mission is to help people in need be able to take control of their own lives and make the best use of the resources they have where they live. ADRA Czech Republic strives to raise the level of life and health of the people of the Czech Republic, developing countries, and all other people in need. This all is done without distinction of race, sex, religion or belief.

„Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little." (E. Burke)


The BanglaKids project is aimed at supporting and improving lives of Bangladeshi children.
ADRA Czech republic, with contributions of donors, this project contributes to facilitating the entry of children into life.

365+ aneb mince denně

Vaše mince denně přináší těm nejpotřebnějším naději na lepší život. Díky pravidelné podpoře se stanete skutečnou oporou lidem, kteří ji neodkladně potřebují.


Green Peace

GREENPEACE – an international environmental nonprofit organization that has been active for over 40 years in over 40 countries. The aim is to protect the environment and non-violent means to warn of damage.

Protection of Forests

Let's start to protect the Amazon! Almost 80 percent of all the world's forests have been destroyed, a large part of them were destroyed in the last thirty years. Even the remaining fifth that still remains is seriously threatened. Industrial logging devastates areas where native people live. Cutting them out of their homes, shedding their natural resources, and endangering their culture and their survival. Greenpeace is trying to prevent multinational mining companies from devastating and plundering the last forests on our planet.

The organization has already managed to get support from the Canadian province of British Columbia in protecting a large part of the native Canadian forest. Now Greenpeace focuses its attention on the Amazon, where tens of thousands of square miles of rainforest are destroyed each year.

However, it is not just the Amazon. In February 2006, Greenpeace opened a global rescue station in the middle of the Papua-New Guinea forests, and a campaign to save the world's second largest forest in the Democratic Republic of Congo in the autumn of 2006. 

What can you do to save forests?

It's simple - do not buy products made from rainforest woods and convince others to stop buying these products (unless they have FSC certification). We have some other tips for you as you can simply help to protect the world's endangered forests.

Support Greenpeace

Do you really care about the rescue of rainforests where thousands of species of plants and animals and the survival of indigenous peoples? Then please, support us financially. We really care about the fate of the world's forests and your contribution will allow us to work on their rescue.


UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund) is the world's leading organization that protects and improves the living conditions of children and promotes their overall development.

All UNICEF's work is guided by the belief that child care and healthy development (nutrition, access to safe water, vaccinations, education, and protection of children from exploitation) are a basic need for the development of humanity. UNICEF was set up with the aim of helping to eradicate the obstacles that put children in poverty, violence, disease, and discrimination. We are convinced that together we can contribute to the spread of humanity.


"Education is a gateway to freedom, democracy and development.“ – Nelson Mandela, Nobel Peace Prize winner and former president of South Africa.


  1. Students
  2. Teachers
  3. Parentsli
  4. Socially important persons

Monetary contributions are collected on a regular basis, three times a year (November, February, May) and are sent to the organization account.

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