Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. - Henry Ford

10 Reasons to Study at AMAZON


People to People Ambassador Programs

AMAZON was invited to participate in the program ''People to People Leadership Programs” founded by Dwight D. Eisenhower (former U.S. president).
Every year in the fall the nominations for the program takes place, which is designed for ambitious, aspiring, language-oriented students. In the period between Spring and Summer, students have the opportunity to attend a “Leadership Summit. “ It is on the topic of intensive overseas stays in the United States, and these stays promote and develop talented young people in the areas of leadership, diplomacy, rhetoric skills, etiquette and international relations.
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The Cultural and Study Exchange Programs- ASSE & AISE

ASSE-CZ Academic Student Services & AISE- American Culture Exchange
The Square W. Churchill 2, Prague 3
Second floor, door number 233
Tel. Number: 224 251 721, 224 251 741

The creation of the international organization ASSE (American Scandinavian Student Exchange) dates from 1930, when the Swedish parliament approved the exchange program between Swedish and German students. This program was later extended by Great Britain and North America. Today ASSE has branches in 35 countries in the world.
The main activity of ASSE is the Academic Year Program. The quality of the program is ensured by long-standing traditions, experience, and excellent organization of the program. The branches in the Czech Republic and Slovakia have sent more than 3000 students to participate since 1992.
ASSE belongs to C.S.I.E.T. (Council on Standards for International Educational Travel) and NASSP (National Association of Secondary School Principals). USDS (U.S. Department of State) awarded ASSE the official statute of Exchange Visitor Program. The international center of ASSE was established in Laguna Beach, California.
Years of experiences proves that yearly study programs are the best lifetime investment that a parent can do for their child. It's surprising how much the program changes the child. Most of them will finally mature, find themselves and improve their abilities; for example being independent, having the courage to overcome obstacles and having the ability to communicate in foreign environment, which are all vital abilities to have. 
A part of the system of upbringing at host-country schools is building self-confidence and development. In this system, the consciousness is supported by the idea that the personality is unique, independent and free. A new world of traveling and culture is opened for students. They will get to know different kinds of people and make friends that will last forever. Their life horizons will expand and a better image of what they will do in the future will be developed. Knowledge of the language will be active, as they will learn how to think in English without any problems in communicating or writing.
You can consult the possibility of cultural exchange with Mrs. Marta Vernerova (257 531 254; e-mail: or with Pavla Bajuszova (733 264 266;

Study options

  1. Study in the USA
  2. Study in France in cooperation with Séjours Internationaux Linquistiques et Cultures (SILC)
  3. Study in Germany in cooperation with ICXchange—Deutschland
    Special offer: a chance to sign up for a study-visit in Germany with the financial support of Česko-německý fond budoucnosti for 75 000,-Kč
  4. Study in Canada (English, French) in cooperation with River East Transcona Schools Division

American Intercultural Student Exchange (AISE) is a non-profit educational organization founded in 1959. The purpose of the organization is to improve international understanding through study at a high school and to improve knowledge of English and cognition of culture of the host country. Experiences and knowledge that students get at American high schools and in a host family are culturally and academically invaluable. During the stay students create friendships and contacts for their whole lives and they will come back home more responsible and independent.

Study visit in the USA – financial costs (tentative)

  • $5,500 – participation fee (travel arrangements, help with getting visa, communication with regional coordinator in the USA, advice, host family, insurance)
  • cca 20 000,-Kč – ticket
  • cca $250 (4 500,-Kč) – pocket money
  • school fee is paid by the American government

Study visit in France: 150 000,-Kč
Study visit in Germany: 110 000,-Kč
Study visit in Canada 300 000,-Kč (entry fee, school fee, food and accommodation, health insurance)

Other costs related to the program

  • visa charge
  • ticket
  • pocket money

Applications are being accepted annually till April 30th.
You can find more information on ASSE.


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Rytířská 10, Praha 1
731 013 003 / 224 234 826

  • British Council
  • Europass
  • Financován Evropskou unií
  • ADRA
  • The Duke of Edinburghs International Award Czech Republic Foundation, o.p.s.

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