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Dear parents and partners,
We all know that we live in a postmodern era, with changing values ​​and increased demands of adapting to the new social structure. At the same time we realize how important education is for the successful and healthy life of future generations.
The aim of the Anglicko-české gymnazium AMAZON is to teach students to speak English fluently and prepare them for studies at colleges and universities in the Czech Republic and abroad. We have an individual approach to students; identifying their needs and developing their potential. We lead students to be responsible for their own health and focus on success in a modern society.
The main focus of gymnazium AMAZON school is on languages and aesthetic education which allows students to achieve personal and professional success with an added awareness of the need for solidarity. The combination of traditional education in an international environment is a prerequisite for establishing their identity.
To ensure our current and future students with the highest possible standard of education, we decided to establish ”The AMAZON Educational Fund”. Thanks to your donations our school will be able to provide access to more modern technical equipment, up-to-date curriculum materials and visual teaching aids. In the future, we plan to award scholarships based on students’ merit and use these means for support of extracurricular activities.
Would you consider making a commitment to helping establish and build the Amazon Education Fund? Your initial donation will provide a good start for the foundation, and funds in future years will help to support the young generations of today and tomorrow. You may pledge your support using the enclosed response card, or you may post your donation commitment via e-mail: pavla.bajuszova@acga.cz.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and support. On request, we are glad to provide more detailed information. If you are interested in long-term cooperation, we will be pleased to meet you in person.


Eva Kudrnová, director for Economy and Public Relations


Donation Response Card

Become a sponzor of AMAZON Educational Fund!

Yes, I/we will make a donation to The AMAZON Educational Fund in amount of:

o 1 000,-Kč        o 5 000,-Kč        o 10 000,-Kč       o 20 000,-Kč       o 50 000,-Kč
o jiná částka _______________

Acknowledgment to the sponzor

o při prezentaci školy na veřejnosti (logo na www stránkách školy), certifikát pro dárce
o anonymní uveřejnění

Your donation is tax deductible as allowed by law. You´ll receive a tax acknowlegment letter.

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